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    Demre – St. Nicolas Church – Myra Anciet City – Andriake Ancient City – Yacht Tour - Kekova (Sunken City) – Simena Ancient City (Kaleköy) – Akvaryum Bay – Pirate Cave Trip Programme

    • I can say that every day here is quite fun for being a lot different and scheduled than it is in Ankara,and for being with such a close age group. Because of the fact that everything we have done and we will do is programmed andunder a certain control,I think thatit helps us to plan our own lives as well. It's my third year of being here. Thanks to the European Youth Camp team, I have contributed a lot to myself and I think I will add more. It is a very good environment for acquiring new friendships. Thanks to the service we received throughout the camp and the quality team, we did not feel any lack. I thank each one individually. I hope I take part in the new programs of this camp whose every second is a pleasure. Everyone should have this experience. Ayberk DELİKULAK / 19

    • European Youth Camp is one of the few activities I wait for every year with excitement. This is the perfect place where I gained strong friendships, lost weight whenever I come, forgotten what it means to sulk, not being able to breathe from laughing, but learning things while I am enjoying myself and developing myself. It's such a beautiful place that I'm in love with even the food. I love everything from the countless alarms that are playing every morning, to our fellow teachers who huff unlesswe have the night conversations. I love everything, even from the shower queues to bath dances. From food competitions to waterballs, from English to German, it is a place where different people, different cultures, even different languages, different musical styles (even Germanic Rap this year) came together. I wish it had been longer, I wish it hadn't ended. Thanks to everyone who is the reason of why I amhere, I'm glad to have you, I love you. Zeynep Ilgın KILIÇ / 17

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