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    Our hotel is located in one of the Mediterranean’s virgin bay and world-wide known in Adrasan Bay. It has been built on 7850 m area and it’s far from 50 meters by sea. It has 4-stars standards although it gives boutique hotel service. It’s the biggest hotel of this area.Our hotel is very close to antique city and historical sites. Because of this,it becomes the center of fascination.

    Adrasan ,where it was called Çavuşköy in the past and is the town of Kumluca, is far from 95 km from Antalya and 55 km from Kemer.Having become a town in 1996,Adrasan enamours itself with its unique beaches and virgin natures.Adrasan Bay is covered with pine forests and there are no waves because of getting opposite wind from the land.As a result of having control over the power of wind in antigue eras,sailings couldn’t enter the bay and they carried their civilization traces to Olympos that is far from 10 km to the bay.During a year,Adrasan offers great opportunities for sporty people as a consequence of high water temperature and the clarity of under water that you can see 30 meters under it.

    • I can say that every day here is quite fun for being a lot different and scheduled than it is in Ankara,and for being with such a close age group. Because of the fact that everything we have done and we will do is programmed andunder a certain control,I think thatit helps us to plan our own lives as well. It's my third year of being here. Thanks to the European Youth Camp team, I have contributed a lot to myself and I think I will add more. It is a very good environment for acquiring new friendships. Thanks to the service we received throughout the camp and the quality team, we did not feel any lack. I thank each one individually. I hope I take part in the new programs of this camp whose every second is a pleasure. Everyone should have this experience. Ayberk DELİKULAK / 19

    • European Youth Camp is one of the few activities I wait for every year with excitement. This is the perfect place where I gained strong friendships, lost weight whenever I come, forgotten what it means to sulk, not being able to breathe from laughing, but learning things while I am enjoying myself and developing myself. It's such a beautiful place that I'm in love with even the food. I love everything from the countless alarms that are playing every morning, to our fellow teachers who huff unlesswe have the night conversations. I love everything, even from the shower queues to bath dances. From food competitions to waterballs, from English to German, it is a place where different people, different cultures, even different languages, different musical styles (even Germanic Rap this year) came together. I wish it had been longer, I wish it hadn't ended. Thanks to everyone who is the reason of why I amhere, I'm glad to have you, I love you. Zeynep Ilgın KILIÇ / 17

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