Adrasan Presentation

    If  you are tired of concrete constructions,polluted and noisy city life and lose the sun behind high buildings-you are looking for unspoiled beauties-you miss bird calls and lightining bugs-you want quiteness,peace and silence-you want to wake up and goto bed with the view of as green as a forest and as blue as a sea-you want to watch out the flirtatious dance of sun and sea-you want to get rid of your own and job problems and make happy yourself-why don’t you still wait for  doing anything for these reasons?

    Adrasan is the west coast of Antalya where you can find out the virgin bay with all kind of tones in blue and green and it is a rare and natural paradise.

    You can’t forget your holiday in Adrasan.You will make new friends,have a rest and a great  fun.

    Beach,Sand and Sun. How much we miss these great three things in dark and miserable winter days.

    I wish I had the voice of waves and sea gull callings in a beach instead of noise pollution.Adrasan is like this place.Adrasan (the previous name Çavuşköy) has full of ruins of old civilizations that comes through the present and generosity of nature between orange and pomegranate gardens.

    Adrasan is calling for you with 2 km long beaches which has a unique blue sea and Bey Mountains are covered with snow at the summit of them.

    Overviewing this land after Olympos during your journey on Lykia land in antique era is the last port in Antalya Gulf.Adrasan Bay is very important for blue voyagers especially in summers.Even in winters,voyagers visit there as there is no wind.If you would like to stay in Bungolow,hotels,pansions or motels both in summers and in winters,don’t forget to bring your fishing tackle.You can try fishing in Adrasan or sail by renting a boat that is a fishing paradise.Adrasan is the holiday paradise in Mediterranaen Sea.