Abroad Camps

Abroad Camps

In cooperation with University St Kliment Ohridski, the communication language of our camps, whose culture is very close to us and organized by Lake Ohrid in the Republic of North Macedonia, is English. The focal points of our camps are:

1. Cultural experience: Camps abroad offer the opportunity to experience different cultures and lifestyles. This can help students develop a deeper understanding of cultural differences and become more culturally tolerant.

2. Language skills: Camps abroad offer students the opportunity to develop their foreign language skills. Practicing speaking in a foreign country is essential in language learning and can boost students' self-confidence.

3. Confidence: Camps abroad can help students increase their self-confidence. Meeting new people in a new environment, living in a foreign country, and doing challenging activities can boost students' self-confidence.

4. Social skills: Camps abroad offer students the opportunity to develop their social skills. Meeting new people and working together can help students develop teamwork skills.

5. Educational opportunities: Overseas camps provide students with access to different educational opportunities. There are various camps that students can attend, especially on STEM subjects, and these camps can help students improve themselves in these areas.

6. Fun and adventure: Camps abroad allow students to learn new things and do adventurous activities while having fun. This can help students learn while adding color to their experiences in life.