Family Camps

Family Camps

Our family camps are multi-benefit camps that help families spend time together and increase interaction with each other. Some benefits are:

1. Strengthens family ties: Family weekend camps strengthen relationships between family members and help build a better understanding and bond.

2. Reduces stress: The stress of daily life can be reduced by family weekend camps. Spending time in nature helps families relax.

3. Encourages nature exploration: Family weekend camps are a great opportunity to spend time in natural settings. While families explore nature, they can learn about the environment and natural life.

4. Offers healthy activities: Camps allow families to do healthy activities together. Activities such as making campfires, hiking, canoeing keep families physically active.

5. Promotes learning: Family weekend camps allow families to learn new skills and improve themselves. Family members can teach each other new things and experience learning together.

6. Get away from technology: Family weekend camps help families spend more time with each other and get away from technology. This allows families to interact more with each other.

For these reasons, family weekend camps are a great opportunity for families to spend time together, bond and learn new things.

Family Camp 1

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Date: 3-6 August 2023

Location: Eco Family Park/ Beşkonak/ Manavgat


  • Families compete
  • Team games
  • Orienteering
  • Rafting
  • Fishing
  • Adventure parkour
  • Movie night
  • Campfire
  • Marshmallow
  • Hiking
  • Zipline
  • Net jump
  • Yoga meditation
  • Jeep safari

Family Camp 2

Date: 10-13 August 2023

Location: Eco Family Park/ Beşkonak/ Manavgat