Father & Child Camps

Father & Child Camps

Father-child camps are camp programs designed to strengthen the relationship between father and children, spend time together, have fun and communicate better with each other. These camps offer unique experiences with many benefits:

1. Strengthens the bond between father and children: Father-child camps are an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bond between father and children. Camps provide the perfect environment to spend more time with each other, have fun together and share new experiences.

2. Improves communication skills: Father-child camps are a great opportunity to develop communication skills between father and children. These camps can help children develop the skills to express their thoughts, feelings and needs.

3. Promotes teamwork: Father-child camps are an excellent opportunity to encourage teamwork. In the camps, fathers and children work together to participate in various activities and support each other.

4. Increases self-confidence: Father-child camps can help children increase their self-confidence. Camps can help increase self-confidence by enabling children to learn new skills and share their successes.

5. Offers the opportunity to explore nature: Father-child camps are a great opportunity to explore nature and learn more about the environment. Camps can help fathers and children develop their love of nature by enabling them to be intertwined with nature.

6. Offers an opportunity to have fun: Father-child camps offer a fun escape for dad and kids. In the camps, there are many activities and games, and father and children can relieve their stress by having fun together.

Father-Child Camp

Date: 1-3 September 2023

Location: Eco Family Park/ Beşkonak/ Manavgat