School Camps

School Camps

School Camps are camps organized in Eco Family Park in Beşkonak, one of the natural wonders of Antalya, to which schools apply and participate collectively.

In our school camps, students develop environmental awareness by understanding their creativity, communication skills and nature better by participating in activities such as team games, leadership training, group work, arts and crafts workshops, adventure park, fishing event, music and theater performances. These activities also increase students' self-confidence and strengthen their self-efficacy. While these camps help students socialize with each other, learn from peers, develop friendship and teamwork skills, they also allow them to gain new experiences while having a pleasant and instructive holiday, while contributing to their mental and physical development.

Please contact Süleyman Aksu to apply for the School Camps held in Eco Family Park.

Süleyman Aksu: +90 533 658 66 33

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