Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Summer camps are a kind of summer camp that provides an environment where young people can come together to do different activities and establish social bonds with each other. Benefits of our camps:

1. Development of social skills: Summer camps help young people interact with each other and develop their social skills. This boosts teens' self-confidence and helps them communicate better.

2. Physical activity: Summer camps encourage young people to lead an active lifestyle and help them engage in physical activity. This can help prevent obesity and other health problems.

3. Creativity and the arts: Summer camps help young people develop their creativity and artistic skills. Various artistic and craft activities allow young people to express themselves and be freely creative.

4. Self-discipline and responsibility: Summer camps help young people develop a sense of self-discipline and responsibility. Camp activities encourage young people to set goals for themselves and to strive to achieve these goals.

5. Diversity and tolerance: Summer camps help young people from different cultures come together and understand each other. This can help young people learn to accept and be tolerant of differences.

6. Connection with nature: Summer camps help young people connect with nature and increase their awareness of the protection of the natural environment.

Summer camps can contribute to the personal and social development of young people and make them healthier and happier individuals in the future.

Caretta Camp

Tarih: 21-27 August 2023

Location: Demre